5 Reasons You May Want To Stay Away From Drinking Cold Water


5 Reasons You May Want To Stay Away From Drinking Cold Water:

Mercury is crossing 45 in this summer season. Increasing heat is proving deadly for many people in many cities. In such a situation, cold water is not less than nectar.

  • If you want to cool down in a matter of seconds in hot summer drinking cold water is advisable by most people. Like it is said every good thing has a bad side as well so drinking cold water is not an exception to it. Even it gives you relief from the hotness of summer there are enough reasons to restrict the use of cold water as it directly affects your digestive tract in a most dangerous way.
  • Many know cold water not less than nectar in summer to make you cool from time to time and provide relief from warmth and sunlight. Buy do you know how bad it can harm your health?

1. Stomach Damage:


Cold water damages your stomach. Drinking it can cause problems in digesting food, pain in the stomach, cramps and strange abdominal problems. The reason for this is the separation of the outside temperature of cold water, which makes it difficult to digest the food present in the stomach by reaching the body. For this reason, the pain in the stomach can be dangerous to your health. So it is advisable to take care of your stomach by drinking a little warm water.

2. A headache:


You must have heard about ‘Brain Freeze’. It is due to excessive consumption of ice water or ice cream. The cooling water in it cools down the sensitive nerves of the spine, causing it to affect the brain and its functionality to a greater extent. This is why too cold water can be dangerous to your health.

3. Slowing down the heartbeat:


There is a nerve called Vagus nerve in our body. It is also called the body’s longest carnival nerve, which controls the heart, lungs and digestive systems through the neck. Whenever you drink more cold water, the nerves cool down and slow down the heart rate, unless the water is adaptable to your body. Hence keep yourself from this danger by making proper drinking decisions.

4. Constipation:


According to the room temperature, the problem of constipation is very low, but the more cold water brings trouble to digest. This is why taking solid food digest takes time and there is trouble with constipation. It is said hot things digest fast and cold one creates the problem so eat and drink normally and stay fit and healthy.

5. Increase Obesity:


Frozen fat becomes more difficult and it takes a long time in fat burning, so if you are facing the problem of fatness and want to reduce your fat you must drink normal hot water and avoid drinking too cold water.

  • Drinking cold water shrinks blood vessels, weakens the immune system, and causes indigestion. Drink warm or room temperature water to keep health issues away.
  • Hence you might know the fact that Japanese people are very few per cent of fat people in them the reason is very simple they always drink warm and hot water not cold water.

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