How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles!

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Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles: Construction of Houses with Plastic Bottles is very interesting and cost saving techniques. As soon as you heard the name plastic you might have started thinking about plastic! And that to houses?

Plastic is banned in many countries as it is one of the reasons for environmental pollution. But, yes you can construct the homes and that too more durable and qualitative compared to what normal bricks of sand we used. So today we are going to tell you about How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles.

Now plastic is banned in India, many plastic bottles and plastic will be available. So try to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles.

Building construction with plastic bottles is low-cost and eco-friendly.

Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

So you can have plastic bottle walls and roofs as well. We here at The Hidden Secrets are going to tell you how you can Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles.

The first thought which might haunt your mind is!

Why Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles?

Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Many of you are using plastic in your day to day life for many purposes from drinking water to storage of water and many more. The plastic packaging used today is unlimited. And they are the one which comprises the large portion of the waste to form greenhouse gases around the world.
So reuse is better than a recycling of plastic. This reuse gained popularity in many countries. For small-scale construction, this plastic bottle construction is gaining popularity through the world.

Below are some of the best uses to answer the question why plastic bottles only:

1. Low cost – You know how much a bottle costs! It cost almost one third than the cost of the normal concrete houses.
2. Non-Brittle – bricks can be but plastic bottles cannot.
3. Absorbs abrupt shock loads – Since they are not brittle, there can take up heavy loads without failure.
4. Bioclimatic -The carbon footprint is reduced
5. Re-usable – to preserve natural resources also you can use it.
6. Less construction material – the technology used is small and easy to implement.
7. Easy to build
8. Green Construction
9. Good insulation – houses made up of plastic walls are known for keeping cool inside the house in hot summer season also.

Building Construction with Plastic Bottles and Community Management

Many people are still can’t afford houses in the world, so bottle construction and their benefits must be spread and educate the local community so that they get at least some better use of it with this low-cost construction.

Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Also, they can help in the collection of waste plastic and help to contribute to making the sustainable buildings and houses and the best world for living life for all, without any pollution with fresh air to breathe.

So there are basically two types of wall construction can be possible

  1. Vertical Bottle Wall Construction
  2. Horizontal Bottle Wall Construction

1. Vertical Bottle Wall Construction

For bearing frame wall inside the wall, there can be any strong structure is placed. Like, sand and waste. And plastered over the top. You will get two benefits you will get less cost wall and another is environment protection as collecting plastic from surrounding will reduce the risk of plastic pollution.

Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Bottles that are placed right side up within a frame will make a vertical bottle wall. The bottles that are lying on their side will form the horizontal bottle wall.
Like bricks, we build the wall the same way it is built but the style is different like, these are placed accordingly the requirement.
For overall strength, the steel or iron wires are used to hold them properly. And loose bottles are also inserted in places where some more strength and gap needed to fill.

2. Horizontal Bottle Wall Construction

Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Yes by placing the bottles horizontally between the structures this construction is carried out. Mortar is used to make the final finish. To make construction strong steel or iron wire is used. Also whenever necessary nails and screws can also be used.

Roof Construction with Plastic Bottles

Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are not just only used for the wall construction but they can be better used for making roof construction as well. They are crushed for using to make roof structures. As you all know plastics are the good waterproof materials. Hence they can be used as an immediate waterproofing shelter as well. Hence Construction with Plastic Bottles should be preferred.

The significance of Bottle Building Construction

Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Still, the development is not to that huge level but as soon as the technology progresses the use of plastic will increase in the construction field as well. Soon they will replace the conventional brick construction.

History related to it

Heineken in 1960 was the first person to bring glass block as a housing solution. The innovation couldn’t continue or gain success at that time. The idea is used by many big civil and architectures to build it strong and make future progress.

What are your views on this unique style of construction? Please express your view in the comment section below. Like and share this with your friends. Visit regularly for getting more such unique things.


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