What are the facilities given to an IAS officer? Know in details


What are the facilities given to an IAS officer? As the question itself is most demanding, many students who are preparing for UPSC civil services exams are getting inspired only by seeing the facilities or amenities an IAS officer or class one officer gets.

Being an IAS officer is a big thing in itself. For the purpose of IAS, you have to work hard day and night, for which you have to give many years of your life.

There is no doubt that being an IAS or IPS officer is a matter of pride in itself. However, despite all the powers and prestige, an IAS officer gets many more facilities, about whom we are going to tell you today.

1.Government House:

IAS OFFICER HOUSE, amenities, facilities

If you want to live a lifestyle of a bungalow and that too two BHK and with a servant and other facilities, then you must be an IAS officer to get that benefits for you.

An IAS officer is entitled to a duplex bungalow in VVIP Restricted Area under the State Government. This benefit is taken after being posted by him in any other district/commission or headquarters.

2. Service Quarter:

In the state where there is a posting of an officer, there is a government house, besides an IAS officer has to go somewhere during posting, even then he is given a government house.

IAS OFFICER, house, amenities, facilities

So whenever you go on for posting or travelling you will get government guest and to live for that period of time.

3. Transportation:

Yes, if you love Ambassador then you need to be an IAS or class one officer, they get this facility to travel to an old Indian Ambassador.


IAS officers are given at least 1 and maximum 3 official vehicles to go somewhere, for which they are also given drivers. Blue lights are also given to officers over all cars. Red Light vehicles are also given to officers appointed in the Chief Secretary’s scale.

4. Security:

Every one of us at one or the other point of time to be secure, IAS officer get this facility lifetime till the time of their service ends.


3 home guards and 2 bodyguards additionally given to an officer. For any threat to their life, they are also protected by STF commandos.

5. Bill:


Unlike the representatives of the private company, the IAS officers do not have to take any kind of bills for the common household services they use. For example, electricity is either free from the heavy subsidy for its official residence.

council of India use to pay Every bill. They do not have to pay any small penny also.

6. Travel:

its officer, salary, amenities, facilities

For both official and informal visits, the IAS officers enjoy the promoted houses. Also, in various states of the circuit house, government bungalows or other households.

They also get a first class flight and AC train reserve tickets. They have reserve seats in the train also so that they can get tickets at any point of time instantly.

7. Domestic employee:

ias officer, salary

IAS officers are provided government employees to take care of domestic employees for their official residence or any kind of services or for daily work.

Above all, from your food maker to garden caretaker you will get a domestic employee to serve you on a regular basis.

8. Other benefits:

ias officer, amenities, facilities

IAS officer getting the benefits of PF, Gratuity, Healthcare Services. Lifetime Pension and many other retirement benefits.

9. Unofficial Benefits:


In addition, all major programs in the district or their jurisdiction are incomplete without an IAS officer. It includes cricket matches, concerts, parties and other events.

Furthermore, there are many advantages, what are your views on these. Let us know in the comment section below. Please like, share and follow us for more such updates.



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