If you fall in love with someone in student life you will go in different directions

If you fall in love in student life I would say 90% of your life will get changed in a positive or negative way. Most students don’t know how to balance love and studying. However, there are some young couples that know how to manage both study and love. So, it really depends on the person itself whether they are smart enough to balance education and romance.

Behavioural changes:

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If in this age anyone falls in love obviously this is his first time and new feeling for him with too much of overwhelming. He starts dreaming about the things which he shouldn’t and starts wasting time behind this without knowing how his behaviours is getting affected. They are sometimes mad if you tell them to do study they are like ready to anything for their love.

Imbalance in study:

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In my opinion, I’m against the concept of falling in love when you’re still a student because like I said, most students don’t know how to balance love and studying. And sometimes what we think is love is the age attraction in these days happen with all of us. So we are ready to do anything and mad behind someone we like. It’s a beautiful feeling and I’m not going to deny it. But getting addicted in it is something’s which we can’t afford to do.

Wastage of time:

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Student life is meant for studying and if this happens they don’t care about the time they spend together. Although sometime this love is one-sided. Instead of enjoying student life they started worrying about future. I would say students be students and not a love machine. You should concentrate with studying; hang out with friends, playing game, etc. 

Avoid extra-curricular activities and growth:

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There are countless of things that you can do when you are still a student. Don’t waste your youth being tide to commitment with a partner. That can wait; you can have that when you’re all grown up. For now, enjoy being kids because trust me, once you’re all grown up, you’re definitely going to miss being a kid.

Mostly on social media:

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Now a day’s social media is a good as well very bad if used for wrong things students unnecessarily spend time in chatting with they like. Share things and waste useful study time and involve in useless activities. Which makes them angry sometime on their parents itself? If parents tell good thing they will hardly understood it and try to do what they think.

Once settled and got good job fall in love and mad for your loved once. Feel free to fall head over heels in love with your Perfect Partner. Falling in love is a beautiful thing but don’t force it. Don’t just go with it out of curiosity. Think with your mind, feel with your heart. Let it happens naturally. In the meantime, enjoy life as those days are hardly to come and remember.

What are your school love life experience they are good or bad just tell us in the comment section below. And share this with your student life friends. Don’t forget to like, share, and follow.


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