If You Have These Psychological Habits You Have To Be Aware, From Becoming a Looser

There is nothing wrong with being a selfless person when you are helping others when you are putting others too much of yourself this might cause problems one day.

Never saying Any

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If you are a selfless person you are always ready to help others but on the other hand, if you ask yourself what these people have done for you, you will get hardly anyone. Because the harsh reality of life is you don’t owe anything, anyone. There are many responsible persons who can solve their own problems. You have to prioritize your things and try to finish your things first.

And if anyone says you are selfless you only think of yourself they are many times trying to manipulate you. Before blindly helping anyone and everyone first ask yourself a question if this person practically needs your help or not. If they don’t do the same for you it’s not useful to waste time in that.

 Always looking for approval


Many people are struggling with these psychological problems as they don’t feel confident enough in themselves. So they constantly try to get approval or some ideas from others and many times’ form those whose opinions are not important or even don’t matter. If you are among the one who is happy when someone complement you always there is nothing wrong in it but when you only feel good about yourself when someone gives you positive feedback then you are in wrong impressions.

You have to know that you are good enough and you don’t have to prove all that you are so. Instead of waiting for approval work on your goals and dreams. Develop your skills; hobbies take care of your health and all these for you. With time your confidence will awesome and you will not need anyone else’s approval for taking your own and strong decisions.

Smoothing things over


Many times you are like don’t want to argue or stay away from all useless talk or trouble getting in involved in a discussion. So people will think that you don’t have your own stand on anything. So always stand where there is anything wrong or what you believe is correct for you. Who cares if someone disagrees because you cannot please every single person out there? Remember deserved respect is more important than one-time smile.

Blaming yourself for other people’s feelings


You often apologize if you don’t fulfil someone’s request, you are feeling sad, or guilty doesn’t worry take a deep breath because someone’s problems, actions or tension are not yours. If you are getting feel guilty from other it’s not yours their own fault. And think if you need people like this in your life so doesn’t worry just try to stay away from them as soon as you can.

No setting boundaries


This is also one of the most common problems in people; it is like you drop your plans for someone else. If your friend is asking for a help and that help is not relevant to you so enough is enough you can’t please every friend or everyone out there leaving your priorities. Know your limit and be positive and assertive. So set boundaries and don’t stretch yourself.

Doing things you don’t like


If you are getting stuck in someone else request to do something or some work for you. And hence as your time is so important you have to allocate your time for work, rest, study, hobbies, sleep and all prior things.

If you don’t like anything your job or anything you think you are not comfortable in stop worrying yourself its time to take ruthless decisions and figure out what makes you miserable and erase it from your life. You deserve to wake with a smile on your face every single day you do a work and things you love doing.

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