Mind games which keep your brain from dying

From the ancient times brain games were played there are some which are really amazing and which truly keeps your brain activated all the time and which you must keep on playing in between so that brain doesn’t stop. So what are these games which boost your memory and brain power let’s explore.


You might have played this game many times but do you know it has many advantages playing of it. It helps you stress to get off and with that it also improves you brain power and concentration. One of the most intellectually challenging games around, though newer players often rely on short term memory in order to analyse the board and plot their next move on the spot. This game requires a quick and three steps forwards thinking only then you can defeat your opponents.


Puzzles are of different kind which you can solve on paper in mind and many more physical objects. Puzzle requires a person’s strong logical and skill observation only then you can crack it easily. As we work out to keep our body feet for our brain this workout is very important. With improvement in visual perception it improves concentration, memory. Also if anyone’s critical thinking is lower it helps in that also. You might be knowing brain secrets one chemical dopamine which is called as brain medicine and which helps brain in highest creativity.


There are numerous number games but no one can beat this game. This is at one time all newspapers do pasted inside them so that people will involve in it.

Placing nine numbers within those boxes without repeating even a single digit in a row is truly a mind changer and requires high analytical skills. But as your brain gets the tricks after solving many you will get an idea and hence after some time you will get bored and you requires less analytical skills and time to solve it hence will suggest you then to find some another alternative.

Mobile applications

Now a day almost everyone have mobile phones on their hand and that’s why you are getting this knowledge. So what to wait just download some brain games and begin from here to keep you busy here are some e.g. Brain it on, IQ Test, Elevate, maths puzzles etc.

Note: So one personal request don’t play on the street or anywhere going on play it only when you are in sitting position or in a safe place

Read books

Many people you might have seen always they are reading something anywhere and everywhere. While reading the books we have to pay attention to understand the storyline and meaning behind each and every sentence. If you are reading novel or anything full understanding of the article or story will helps you in improving concentration, analytical skills and also it is one of the best stress reducer. Also if you are reading a knowledgeable thing like this article your knowledge will also get improve.

It is truly said that “there is no friend as loyal as books” so keep reading and be without any stress. As today even you can red on mobile phones etc. Also there are some best applications on mobile you will find gives you a great source of knowledge and brain games. So our only request is please don’t keep your brain do useless things keep on good and improving things which will eventually help you in future as well.

What do you think which game among above you are playing mostly. Just tell us how many times you have played that so from and from which year. Also don’t forget to share this with your all contacts as we believe knowledge increases by sharing. Don’t forget to click on follow button for being in touch with us.


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