6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better:

Dear reader, if you are having a trouble sleeping at night you will definitely read this article till the end. These individual plants can, not only detoxify the area in your home but also improve the quality of your sleep. They are simply beautiful in your bedroom as well.


6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

You might already know about the health benefits of the lavender oil. It not only helps you relax but also improves the quality of your sleep. Well, a lavender plant in your bedroom will do the same thing.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, this plant can actually lower your heart rate and blood pressure, which helps you reduce tension in the body and give you proper and good sleep.

This plant also maintains the body stress hormones so that we can have lower stress levels and anxiety. Also gives a better mood more relaxation and sound sleep. This plant is so good that your crying baby can also fall to sleep.

Plant care

Keep your plant on the side of a south-facing window. Make sure to buy only indoor variety otherwise they can grow more than three feet. Keep watering the plant on time as soon as its upper soil gets dry. Remember don’t overwater it as other plants.

2. Jasmine

6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

Jasmine has a nice sweet fragrance with the beautiful look with that it has its health benefits as well. Doctors suggest Jasmine oil fight depression, fatigue, anxiety and stress. The study shows that when a person inhales the Jasmine it gets directly affects our brain and improves our overall condition.

It also helps in a slowdown in heart rate and breathing hence helps in strengthening the immune system. A person with Jasmine fragrance before sleep has the better and deeper sleep.

Jasmine plant care

Like lavender, the Jasmine plant should be placed near a south facing a window. And don’t let this plant in the sun for more than 4 hours a day as this plant requires cool temperature.

3. Rosemary

6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

This plant is typically used in cooking, can also be used to sleep soundly. Rosemary’s oil is used by doctors to support the nervous system, boost memory, and improve concentration.

Plant care

You have to prune the plant because it can grow more than 3 feet. Water the plant in a limitless way as it can grow over 3 ft. tall. And provide the plant 5 to 6 hours of sun every day.

4. Aloe Vera

6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

The plant requires no introduction but we will tell you just a little bit. This helps in getting rid of the signs of ageing reverse the cholesterol, regulate blood sugar level and it also removes the toxic substance and helps you for better sleep.

Plant care
Water only for some time till the soil gets wet. And provide the plant 4 to 5 hours of sun every day.

5. Valerian

6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

This plant has beautifully aromatic flowers but again this doesn’t have just a pretty face but is quite capable as well. It is used from ancient times to get rid of insomnia. Inhaling its rich scent increases the quality and richness of the sleep.

Plant care

This plant needs at least 6 hours direct sunlight.

6. Gardenia

6 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help you Sleep Better

Crocetin is an acid found in this plant which helps in nice and deep sleep. So with beautiful decoration, you can get a perfect night sleep if you keep this in your bedroom.

Plant care

This plant needs at least 5 hours direct sunlight. Keep this near window and maintain water level.

Now many of you might have one question in your mind? Will there be less oxygen in the night as plants take oxygen in the night leaving carbon dioxide? The answer is No. As the oxygen taken by the plant is negligible compared to the benefits it provides to you. So don’t worry if anyone argues over this.

Which plant you are going to keep in your bedroom, and why just tell us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Visit us for more such knowledge regularly.


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