Signs That You Are More Intelligent Than You Realize, You Must Read For Yourself

From school time only we were having ups and downs in our life. And most probably many of you might be scared of one subject that is maths. Here at THE HIDDEN SECRETS, we are going to tell some of the scientifically proven things and if you are going to relate at least one or two you are among those of genius category. So let’s get find out the genius in you. First, part is already published this is the second part of that for first part read this in our other article section.

1. You are a chocolate lover


Switzerland land of chocolate and cheese has topped on the study done by researchers and found that those who naturally love and eat chocolate are smart. As it has some nutrients which improve your brain power. But remember one thing too much of everything is even worse for you so don’t think that eating chocolate after reading this will make you smarter or rather eating too much of chocolate.

2. When you are upset you know why it is


We all have such days when something or everything upset but genius people knew exactly what is bothering them and because of which figure out the problem and its solution and just move on. And they don’t stick to the past and they don’t blame everyone or everything for their sadness.

3. You talk to yourself

Many of you just laughing at me right now hey man what are you talking and thinking it’s not a sign of genius but rather of madness. But it turns out to be totally opposite psychologist Denial conducts a whole study and says a good self-talk helps us filter out useless stuff going through our mind. And it helps you understand yourself better and best example of this is the Albert Einstein as he used to repeat his lines to himself.

4. You can’t stand any background noise

Genius always hates any kind of background noise as it prevents him from concentrating on one particular thing Charles Darwin is the best example of this as he always tries to make his workplace extra soundproof.


5. Your handwriting is messy,

A messy sign is one of the signs of a genius messy handwriting is one of the signs of a creative person. This doesn’t mean that those who are having good handwriting those aren’t genius they have their own level of creativity and geniuses. What among above do you find in yourself just let us know? Please share it with your friends with messy handwriting.


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