The Youngest Web Designer & Youngest CEO: Sreelakshmi Suresh

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The Youngest Web Designer & Youngest CEO: Sreelakshmi Suresh

We in this Internet era are busy with Facebook and social networking sites. We started spending and wasting time like we don’t know where our day goes on and next day comes.

The Youngest Web Designer & Youngest CEO, Sreelakshmi is one of the unique talent in India. She at the age of 13 only an inspiration for all.

Many people among us are always like a king of excuses. If I would have done this I would become like that and all, or blame the fate that this thing is not in my fate.

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They are like their complete life is dependent on that one day when they will get their good luck and one day become a billionaire. Practicality is somewhat different so we have to realize that what today we are we are because of what we have done in past and if we want to make our future we have work smart and hard from now itself.

So today we are going to tell you about such a lovely small girl who is really an inspiration for all of us. Her life story will inspire all of us so we are going to tell you what she had done and what is so special about her. So be with us till the end of this article.

But before reading this article, take a look at this website

The website you just visited shows the Kerala law and its related information. The website looks like created by some of the great mind and many hard working people but this is the girl who created this. So you might have realized till now that this is not an ordinary girl.

CEO at the age of nine:

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The girl named Shrilakshmi Suresh, a resident of Kozhikode district in Kerala, has created the website.

If I will tell you how much old she is you will have shocked to know!! Yes, she is just only 9 years of age. Many people spend their complete life to do such things in life and she has done it in the 9th year only. “Sreelakshmi Suresh, the Youngest Web Designer & Youngest CEO” knew to all now at such a small age.

She is one of the young CEOs of the country. She has already made many websites before this government website.

Brand Ambassador at 18:

The receiver of many national and international awards Srilakshmi is the sole member of American Webmasters at the age of 18. She is also a brand Ambassador of Infogroup.

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We are always complaining but people like her are always an inspiration for all of us, for some people success doesn’t see the age they can do wonders at any age. So don’t wait for the fate or luck to come or good time to come to start now only for your dream because

Yesterday has gone, and tomorrow will never comeToday and now is yours use it to its best“.

So get up and start working smart and hard so that no small thing can hamper your success at any given point in time.

When we and most among us were in the 9th what we were be doing? Do you remember? Most of us were busy playing games or doing something which we were not known to.

Our mostly attention and focus was on games only.

Now you might be thinking what have I achieved in these years seeing her life at such a young age! Don’t worry life can be turned at any age and at any given point in time. The only thing which requires is the persistent and hard work with focus and dedication to achieve anything good in life. Be the inspiration, not the aspirants only.

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Life is very small my dear friends. If you have to do anything you have to sprint right now. Tomorrow is a fake work in the success of life. If you want to be successful like Sreelakshmi Suresh, the Youngest Web Designer & Youngest CEO then you must start doing it right now.

“Be yourself don’t try to copy others”

Be unique and create what you love the most. Enjoy what you are doing otherwise the work will be living a hell for you.

Hope you might have to get some inspiration from this. If yes please like and share this with maximum people you can.



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