These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day

These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day:

Many of us are busy now a day in our work and because of which we hardly get time to take care of small things which if ignored to some extent might lead to death also. Here at THE HIDDEN SECRETS, we bring you some of the things which should be taken care of otherwise they may be dangerous to you.

6. E. collie Bacteria

These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day

While you might hear some type of this e collie are useful but some can be so dangerous that they can even kill you. So be aware of these. A homiletic uranic syndrome which destroys your kidneys.

And this is usually spread with the food that hasn’t cooked properly. So will request you to cook your food well, wash your hands properly when going to the bathroom and touching the animals and stay away from drinking uncontaminated water.

5. Washing hands after toilet

These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day

There is a good reason why we wash our hand every day. Bugs are everywhere. It has been found in one experiment that three different kinds of bacteria’s do come from toilet seats and those are getting spread on the door of the toilets through the one who doesn’t wash their hands while going out.

So those bacteria’s may be dangerous to you as well after touching those knobs of the doors.

4. Floor cleaning

These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day

Many of you might be cleaning the floor of a bathroom by mixing some two or more acids but are aware if you are doing so because in one of the cases people may lead to death as because of opposite reaction of the mixing of the two products. Also never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaning substances.

There are numerous white papers if you want to know the details. Some say that gas created from this can be deadly but others think that it will make you feel very ill if you breathe. So clean a lot and be clean.

3. Bathtubs

These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day

In India, bathtubs are not that common but will in future be as in us there is more deadly than a gunshot in a bathtub. You might have heard recently our famous actress Sri Davis death report come with the fact that she dies of water drowning.

2. Kitchen

These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day

You go to the kitchen a place full of a sharp knife and things that can burn you it also a place those highest potential dangerous things you eat.

Also, there is a thing that many people have the habit of eating too fast if you are among those I will suggest you stop it as it might get choked in and may lead to severe damage. And especially food like hot dog and burgers are highly most dangerous while eating.

1. Death by selfie

These 6 Everyday Things Might Kill You One Day

Selfie death is now so prevalent that you can now see around 117 death happens in India. Which is on the top list of happening this. The death included clip falls driving accidents and a man falling from a building and it is so bad in India that now in Mumbai we have no selfie zones.

You might not be known but many accidents happen because of people just looking at their phone texting and swiping when there should be concentration on driving and what is in front of them.

Everything that we said here is everything is preventable

What do you think you are taking care of these small things if yes how just tell us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Visit us for more such knowledge. Thanks a lot


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