Top 5 craziest scientific predictions about the future

The future depends on your potential, as technology continues to advance like never before scientist has released some fascinating things about future. So let’s explore what they have to tell about future predictions.

5. No language barrier

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You might have sometimes got a dream that you are able to speak in any language but this might be soon true as per the prediction of the scientist. Because technology can change the way that human interacts and communicate with each other. Each year there are numerous publications which rank languages in orders of their speaking populations. But what if the answer is not several languages but one language only. Experts say that around 6000 different languages are spoken on the earth and around 90% of them will end by the end of this century. There are some devices which are recently released by Google which helps people to communicate in any language.

4. Return of the supercontinent

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Mother earth gone through some introversion and extroversion changes to get into different continents. In future scientist predict the formation new subcontinent Amasia when Asia and America will come closer towards northwards. Don’t worry it will not happen so soon it will take around 250 million years to happen it.

3. New bodies

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This might be good news for fat people who are spending too much of their pockets in getting slim. This obesity will be like a thing of the past after some years as new technology framing foods in calories and pounds to maintain the stomach and body shapes. And such weight loss drugs will be very easily available with less cost and with no side effects. Also in future, the protein hormones which increase the weight will get controlled very easily with technology.

2. Finding alien life

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This is one of the topics which is always in talks as many pieces of evidence are found on earth and scientist are also predicting some of the signs that around the universe there might be some more planets where life can be possible. Also, telescope NASA has already discovered many planets which looks like earth which is orbiting around the universe. Scientist says that it will not take much to predict that this question will be answered within very less time. What do you think how much will it take just comment your answer in comment section below?

1.Bacteria that won’t back down

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The more we advance with modern medicines the more resistant the bacteria become stronger with these super pills. There will soon be a day that even more, powerful medicines will not be able to keep certain bacteria’s far away. Also, there is a prediction that around 10 million people will die with the disease which is now preventable because of their bacteria change structures.

The question of the day

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