Unknown Facts about Ancient Egypt Which Will Shock You!

What is about ancient Egypt that fascinates you despite many researchers are doing great work in this country but still there are many things we didn’t know. And still, there are most amazing and wonderful facts that most people don’t know or are thinking in a wrong way.

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You might have watched some of such Hollywood movies where pyramids are shown and considered to be built by slaves but this is not true. The pyramids are not constructed by the slaves but instead, they are the free Egyptians who build such wonderful things. And many of them are being selected for their skills to build it. Also, arachnology’s suggest that these workers are working in different shifts and they are living in well build houses.

The missing nose on the pyramid

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Just observe the above image and you will find something is missing? Many believe that these are due to pollution or rather some historians have done it. But the reality is shown by an archaeologist as sketches shown before history time shown that at that time also this statue was like this only and this is told by an Egyptian historian who recorded that the missing part was removed as an act of destruction.

Medical advancement

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In an ancient type, Egyptians were more advanced and were known how to stitch a wound, and keeping the cleanliness of things. They didn’t know the circular system but known very well about massage as it heals better and faster. On diseases things they were less knowledgeable and as per their thinking disease was brought on by god or evil.


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If you look at any Egypt paintings you will notice that both men and women are doing make-up. They were having some reason behind it. They are having black and dark eyebrow to protect them from sun and eye infections.

High hills

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5000 years ago it was a sign of social meaning that if wore high hills on occasions you are from the upper class and other one were walking bare feet. Also, high hills were used by animal killer these days as it allows them to keep clean from all the animal part and blood. It takes around 20 years to build the ancient Egypt pyramids but does you know how tall this ancient Egypt pyramid is?

Fly Traps

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Ancient Egypt kings were using slaves to stay away from flies. They keep some sweet with them so that fly may get attracted by that sweet instead of attacking them.

Board games

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Board games are very popular in India from ancient Mahabharata times but they were also famous in Egypt, from the images of ancient Egypt you can easily figure out those board games were also most popular among the gambler at that time. Sonnet was popular among them. And they are so popular those players were buried inside after death with this game as they were believed to play back in life.

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