Why Can’t We Fly A Plane Into Space?

What stops it from flying higher and higher into the space for a plane? Well there are several issues but scientist found out that one of the main problems is the air. Lack of it we gets closure to the space. When plane goes faster than plane crates more lift than the weight. It will climb into the air.

The air becomes less and less dense

As our plane climb higher and higher into the atmosphere the air becomes less and less dense and plane has to travel faster to create more lift. Just as we need air to breathe the engine needs oxygen to propel the plane forward. Jet engine can work on higher altitude as well but we humans have limits about 8000 meter and 26000 feet. Above which the climate called the death zone. This is where not enough oxygen for humans to survive.

Level of oxygen got reduced

As we go up the level of oxygen got reduced meaning on the ground surface if you are taking oxygen to 100% on the mountain of 8000 meter it is around only 30 % of on the surface means you have to take more 60% in two breath. And hence you got a condition called hypoxia because of lack of oxygen the body start to slowly shut down and die.

Highest flying jet

Highest flying jet plane in SR level is Lockheed SR 71 blackbird with a high of 29900 meters and where the air density is just 2% of that of sea level. And SR 71 pilot has to wear a full time pressure suit with its own oxygen supply.

Hence we have to take care of all these factors which stop us from propelling plane into the space. Have you even been on the plane how does it feel when in the air just share your experience in the comment section below?

Source: Wikipedia


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