Why should you not watch X movies?


Why should you not watch X movies? this question seems very confusing for many of you. Every side in this world has two sides so do x movies. Today in this article we are going to highlight some amazing things about x movies. Which I bet you are reading for the first time.

The internet is no doubts the most popular medium for X movies and it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation of rub one out. Especially when you have high-speed internet to high definition videos. Slowly it starts developing into the addiction.

The feel-good neurotransmitters responsible are endorphins predominantly dopamine as it plays a key role in the brain reward system. Dopamine is released through senses. And through the thought of associations of food or sex etc. Dopamine is vital for our brain. So watching X movies will reduce or imbalance its level here are some of the reason why you should not watch it.

Wasting time

Why you should not watch X movies?

On an average, a guy with high-speed internet spends 2 to 3 hours per week watching X movies. And on a year it is around 100 hours meaning you can read almost 33 books within this timing. So we must focus more on the time we waste and price over a long time it will cost us on our life, relationship and education.

I often wonder Why should you not watch X movies? many thoughts come to my mind. at one particular time, they are good also for some people. But why we are asking not to watch.

Waste creative energy and motivation

Why you should not watch X movies?After eating, the night act is the most expenditure of energy. After eating and after we watch we miss out our many daily activities and routines. On an average when we watch X movies there is 2 to 3 million semen’s and it is made up of almost 50 ml blood to make one drop of sperm means you can think on one ejaculation how much energy we are wasting. And it’s not only semen but we are losing a lot of nutrients within it of which it is made up.

Self-esteem and confidence

Why you should not watch X movies?

If our thought and action are aligned to think of ourselves. And with that when we associate in watching X movies we felt guilty of it and then we experience lack of self-esteem. We feel like we are cheating our self which makes us socially awkward.

Kills real sex and intimacy

Why you should not watch X movies?

It makes us less attracted to our partner so we don’t get enjoy sex as much as we rather go on the wrong side. Which make our patterns hurt and unlovable. On the other hand, if you are single it makes us feel alone as we don’t have that motivation energy. We can restore and passion for natural life.

Failure with money

Why you should not watch X movies?

It destroys the key to success if you have read this book “from the thinking grow rich” it tells you the story of the successful people and their characteristics and if you watch X movies you start losing out that special characteristic which successful people does have.

This is just a part one based on your experience will release part two as well so just comment if you need it to read and follow to get that immediately.


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